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"Hully is remarkable. He gets inside your skin and figures out who you are and what you need to do to work harder and get better. Even though I come in (to San Francisco) from Sacramento, it's worth the time and effort."

Gale Kaufman, President, Kaufman Campaign Consultants

"Hully has given me the best, and the only consistent relief for my chronic back problems. Even my chiropractor says he knows more about bodies than anyone he ever knew."

Linda Ronstadt, singer

"I have total confidence in referring my patients to Hully. He is truly gifted in his approach to helping others achieve fitness, recover from injury, and achieve well being."

Leonard Stein, DC, Sports Chiropractor

"For the past three years, Hully has treated me for sports injuries involving my ankles, knees, and shoulders. Hully is professional as a trainer, masseur, and counselor. He is well prepared, enthusiastic, inspiring, and thoroughly professional."

Judge Daniel H. Weinstein, Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services, San Francisco