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Article by Owen Anderson, Ph.D.
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Who can benefit from the vest?

Old Man Running With Vest      Designed by Hully Fetico for people of all ages and abilities, the vest is appropriate for anyone who desires increased strength, energy and endurance, including:

YinYang  Highly trained athletes
YinYang  Professional business men and
women with a workout routine
YinYang  Physically challenged people (to
strengthen and aid in occupational therapy)
YinYang  Physically injured people engaged in rehabilitation
YinYang  Everyone, in all activities - young and old

     The vest is designed for athletic, leisure and everyday activities, such as:

Football Snow boarding
Basketball Walking
Soccer Stretching
Boxing Weight Training/Reduction
Kickboxing Stepping
Track Rugby
Skating Personal Workouts
Martial Arts Hiking
Tennis Gardening
Skiing Horseback Riding
Distance running Vaulting
Golf Table Tennis
Dance Gymnastics