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Article by Owen Anderson, Ph.D.
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What are the benefits of the vest?

     With the purchase of a Fluid Movement Training Vest, you will be acquiring an essential and invaluable training tool while investing in your body, mind and spirit, an accompanying manual, a consultation with Fluid Movement, and three (3) individually composed exercises, just for you.

     This will help you to use the vest most effectively to reach your desired goals.


Your BODY will experience the rewards of commitment:

YinYang  Increased cardio-vascular conditioning
YinYang  Improved breathing by expanding lung capacity
YinYang  Improved muscle tone and performance
YinYang  Increased agility, power, strength and endurance
YinYang  Aid in weight loss via increased caloric expenditure
YinYang  Reduced fatigue in athletics and everyday activities
YinYang  More balanced posture through the weights in front and back
YinYang  Alleviated pressure of the lower back and abdomen
YinYang  Strengthened ankles, knees and shoulders
YinYang  An added bounce to your step

Your MIND will experience the rewards of collaboration:

YinYang  Clarity
YinYang  Surpassing perceived limitations
YinYang  Overcoming difficulty
YinYang  New found confidence

Your SPIRIT will experience the rewards of collaboration:

YinYang  Delight in just being alive